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What is BlastBall?

BlastBall is a totally new concept for introducing the basic fundamentals of softball (hitting, throwing, catching, running and fielding) and is aimed at  young children.  There are no complex rules, no umpires, not personal equipment and no ball diamond. 

BlastBall is designed to put the fun back in to the game of softball and to generate fast-paced action, enthusiasm and fun.  Through its simplicity, BlastBall will allow associations to keep young players involved in the game.  BlastBall is a great program to combine with the Parmalat Learn to Play Program!

BlastBall is played with equipment which is manufactured using child-safe materials; the bat and ball are made of a soft foam material, removing safety concerns that are created by aluminum bats and hard balls.  There are no equipment requirements for the children, as baseball gloves are not required to participate in the game. Each BlastBall Kit includes:

  • 1 BlastBat
  • 1 BlastBase
  • 1 Tee
  • 1 Line Marker
  • 2 BlastBalls
  • 1 Cone

Interested Softball Associations can purchase BlastBall Kits from Home Run Sports at, or Ward & Patch Sports at

How to Play BlastBall

BlastBall is played with a suggested six (6) players per team, although the game works well with any number of children (even as few as four children can be split into two teams and have fun playing BlastBall!).

In BlastBall, the defensive team takes the field (defensive players should spread out between the field cone and the BlastBase, behind the Line Marker) while the offensive team bats.  When the batter hits the ball, he or she runs to the BlastBase (the only base used).  If the batter reaches the base before the ball is caught in the air, or a defensive player fields it and yells "Blast!" the batter scores a run.  If the ball is caught or the defensive player fields it and yells "Blast!" before the batter reaches the BlastBase, he or she is out.

It is easy to tell when a player reaches the BlastBase, because you will hear a loud "HONK!" coming from the base as the player steps on it. Once all batters have had a turn, switch the offensive and defensive teams and start again!

There are many variations on the game of BlastBall.  Download a BlastBall Manual to find out more!  Download your BlastBall Manual here! 

BlastBall Manuals are available for purchase from Softball Ontario for $1.00 each.  Visit to purchase your copy.